Thompson 900E Ergonomic Mixer Mincer

Features of the Thompson 900E Ergonomic Mixer Mincer:

Comfortable loading height of 1070mm
High discharge outlet height of 720mm (to the barrel centre-line)
Feedscrew operates at right angles to the bowl
Feedscrew channel is located at the high end of the bowl to ensure blood and juices do not drain back into the feedscrew channel. This also ensures minimal quantity of product falling into feedscrew channel when product is loaded
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel construction with continuous welded seams eliminates the possibility of cabinet breakage and ensure clean hygienic surfaces

Gemini System allows 2 machines to be joined for continuous 1st and 2nd cut operation
Pneumatic Foot Pedal allows hands-free operation for portion control of tray packing
Adjustable legs for height variation
Stainless Steel Tray Rack mounted next to the discharge outlet to assist operator with multiple tray and polystyrene container packing of mince portions
Bin Loading Hoist allows mechanical loading of the product

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