Established in 1986, American food Equipment & Supply, Inc. also known as AFES, Inc. is a family owned and operated Sales & Service Distributor providing Food, Portioning, Food Packaging, and Food Processing equipment and supply goods for the Red Meat, Fish, Poultry, and Produce industries.

With more than 38 years of industry experience, our factory authorized, factory trained sales and technical staff are able to provide every customer with the right equipment or supplies for the right application. No less important, we support and service that equipment using factory specified OEM parts. When those parts become difficult to find we will exhaust our vast network of machining and industrial supply houses to have those parts made whenever possible. All parts sold or used by AFES, Inc for repairs, either meet or exceed the original factory specifications to insure the  highest quality, performance, safety, and reliability. In the most abbreviated of terms,

“We do the job right the first time, or we won’t do it at all!”

We invite you to contact us today and experience what it is like to do business with a company that doesn’t measure the value of it’s customers by the amount of money they spend, but by the relationships we build with each and every customer which we are fortunate enough to have.